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Theodor have agreed to allow the Tea Sanctuary to sell it's teas to the UK market. We are very grateful for the opportunity and exclusivity this brings. We want to share with you some of the most exciting ranges there are, currently, on the market.

Cheese and Tea Pairing

We have been tasting cheese and pairing it with some of our own blends..

Everyone has heard of cheese and wine but have you heard of cheese and tea?

Wine and tea share a similar make up. Both contain tannins which are naturally occurring organic compounds. They add astringency, complexity and bitterness.

Hot drinks also bring out different flavours in the cheese; think fondue and the depth and warmth that it brings.

Contact us to find out more.

Tea Recipes

We have been beavering away in the kitchen, finding ways of adding tea into your meal times. Click on recipes or the picture above to find out what we have been cooking up! Let us know your feedback or suggestions.

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